Top 10 Front End Developer Skills You Need To Know

If you’re new to tech, it can be helpful to understand CS fundamentals before even looking at more complex code. Sure—you’re looking for how to become a front-end web developer. Even so, there are a few languages on the back end that you’re most likely to run into as a front-end dev.

In other others, they create the user interface , the elements that users see and they also determine how applications or websites behave based on the user actions. Scott Morris is Skillcrush’s staff writer and content producer. Like all the members of Skillcrush’s team, he works remotely . He believes that content that’s worth reading (and that your audience can find!) creates brands that people follow. He’s experienced writing on topics including jobs and technology, digital marketing, career pivots, gender equity, parenting, and popular culture. Before starting his career as a writer and content marketer, he spent 10 years as a full-time parent to his daughters Veronica and Athena. Front end web developers are software engineers who implement web designs through coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

front end developer skills

With frameworks, you’re plugging your code into the framework. Instead of your code calling the library, the framework calls your code at designated points. A JavaScript library is a set of reusable codes that you can put into your project. It saves you the trouble of developing a feature from scratch when other developers have already done it.

Writing Tests For Applications And An Eye For Details

Like JavaScript frameworks but for CSS – optimizing the workflow. It means, that it is actually better for a developer to know them because you can get the same results in less time and less typing. Another important aspect is a responsive design – sites and apps that work great on each device and in each size are a must-have in 2019. Knowing how to convert a website from a static to responsive one is essential but saving some time by using frameworks which have it already built in is even better. Depending on the team you are going to work with or on the project, most likely there will be given a framework you should be familiar with. The most popular are Angular, React and Vue.js – getting familiar with one of them is a big plus. As any programmer understands, there will always be code revisions and bug fixes.

  • In order to handleSEO issues, you need to resort to Google Webmaster Tools that test your page.
  • To keep things going in the right direction, you will have to test your codebase for bugs on the way.
  • JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is used both on the front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side) to make web pages interactive.
  • Using the JavaScript programming language , you can add additional functionality to your site and create an application.

Starting with the basics is fine, but to give yourself the best leg up during job-seeking, pick up a few front end web developer skills that go beyond them. As noted in the job listings sections above, soft skills are often just as important as your hard skills if you want to become a front end developer. Aside from being a good communicator and team player, there are a few more things you can focus on. This demonstrates that some front-end developer jobs focus more on the coding, others front end developer focus on the visual design, and many will combine them to one degree or another. In this junior front-end developer listing, you’ll notice that it requires design and UI/UX skills with knowledge of Photoshop and Sketch. I’ll cut through those conflicting job listings to identify the key front-end developer skills you should focus on based on your personal goals. When trying to figure out what a front-end developer is, it would be very useful to know the things we mentioned above.

Node Js

Find someone who’s been in the field longer than you and learn from them. Mentors can help you grow and improve not just your front-end skills but also your soft skills. Some companies already have a mentorship program in place, so check with your employer to discuss your options. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the base languages that developers use to write webpages. A browser then compiles these pages to create styles, banners and embedded images. HTML is responsible for the initial layout and positioning of elements, CSS assigns styles to particular locations and headings and JS works to run miniature apps in the page. For the front-end developer, these languages are the most important things to be fluent in.

front end developer skills

From display banners and landing pages to websites and email templates, our team of experienced graphic designers deliver it all with ease. Augment staff from Uplers and hire from top 3.5% resources selected after a carefully designed vetting process that combines both Artificial and human intelligence. Popular frameworks are not always a good choice, and you should pick one according to your specific requirements. A unresponsive website with amazing design is worthless today. The majority of people will likely visit your app or website on a mobile device. People access the internet on everything from smartphones and tablets to laptops and desktops – and these all have different screen sizes.

Conclusion: You Can Have What It Takes To Be A Front End Developer!

Web performance defines the amount of time it takes for your site to load. If you’re having problems with performance times there are steps you can take to improve them such as optimizing images and minifying CSS and JavaScript. Another important tool for a front end developer is JavaScript .

  • Augment staff from Uplers and hire from top 3.5% resources selected after a carefully designed vetting process that combines both Artificial and human intelligence.
  • Once the site or app is built, frontend developers are responsible for maintenance, testing, and ongoing developments like feature upgrades.
  • As a front end developer, being familiar with testing and debugging processes is vital.
  • JavaScript is also a full stack development language, meaning it can extend to both front end and back end development.

Degree programs do provide opportunities for internships and will teach you much more than just frontend development. However as well as cost, most college programs tend not to provide the same practical experience or career counselling as programs. On average, the duration of degree programs is two to four years.

What Does A Front End Developer Do?

A frontend developer defines components on the webpage with HTML. Here are the top three online Front-end development courses that help you become a professional front-end developer . Front-end developers should know various DBMS technologies like MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, and SQLServer, which are widely used for this purpose.

JavaScript works on all platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop operating systems. Front end development includes the practice of translating data to a graphical interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that people can view and interact with that data. The skills mentioned above are crucial to any front end developer. There are frameworks to assist you with testing, which is an important aspect of the front-end development process. Programs like Mocha and Jasmine are designed to make your testing process go faster and easier. SASS, LESS, and Stylus are CSS preprocessors that allow developers to create code in the preprocessor’s language. TypeScript is a pure object-oriented programming language with classes, interfaces, and statically typed code, similar to C# or Java.

Web Designer Job Description

But here, we talk not about its complexity but the number of available materials for self-learning. It was reported that today JS developers number over13.8 million. JavaScript allows developers to create dynamic and interactive web pages, so there’s no doubt that 93% of websites use it.

front end developer skills

As a result, you can learn basic to intermediate coding syntax while understanding the tools that govern the modern developer’s workflow. Version control helps you stay on top of all the changes you’ve made when working on a site. If you mess something up, version control lets you go back to an older version of your code. You’ll definitely need to learn how to use it if you want to land a web dev job. There are a few different ways to make your coding game faster. Similar to the kind of library you’re probably thinking of, this kind of library is a collection… but instead of books and films, you’ll find plugins and extensions.

The CLI or Command Line Interface is a text-based application for managing files on your system. It plays an important role in web development, also an all-purpose GUI has limitations for some specific applications. You enter some commands in a terminal and it performs some actions which help in getting some results when working with web development. You should also know the properties of the Shell to access operating system functions via a text interface. React is an open-source, JavaScript library used to build User Interface , developed by Facebook.

Thankfully, most soft skills can be developed with a little practice and self-awareness. If you feel like you might be lacking in any of these areas, know that it’s not too late to gain these skills.

What Is The Continue Statement In Java?

I’m going to use General Assembly as the primary example because they have learning centers across the US and even in cities internationally. In simple terms, the front end is how things look to a user, while the back end is how things actually work. CSS consists of the initials of the words Cascading Style Sheets. It allows us to determine how the web page we create with HTML will look like. Things such as layout, colors, fonts, and the whole style can be made here. Front-End Developers work in teams alongside Back-End Developers, Graphic Designers, and UX Designers. They typically report to the Project Manager or Chief Technical Officer, depending on the structure of the company.

All the text and images you’re seeing on this very page are all thanks to HTML. Their primary tools are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — HTML for the website’s general structure and content, CSS for styling, and JavaScript for advanced interactivity. Most of us interact with multiple websites and mobile apps every day. We click buttons, log in and out, and add products to our cart without thinking about who made it all possible. There are various other types of testing as well which enhance the working of a website.


From marketing to web development, our end to end business solutions help you gain the edge over competitors. Knowing the basics of Git is a skill that you will appreciate. It’s critical that your website runs smoothly and without errors. The time it takes for your website to load is affected by multiple factors related to web performance.

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